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Monthly Archives: August 2007

Good one..!!

This is sparta


Check out this “Brain Games” on
I have come across many such games, but I really liked this one. Check it out.

Microsoft is trying to push its OOXML (Office open XML) format against ODF. India has decided to vote “No” against OOXML in the ISO standardization process.

“We unanimously agree on the disapproval of OOXML with comments. The same will be submitted to ISO,” National Informatics Centre head and BIS technical committee chairperson Nita Verma said after a marathon meeting that lasted over six hours. There was no need for a voting as only Infosys Technologies and CSI supported Microsoft. Link

Infosys, HCL and a few others are backing MS for OOXML, a format which got plenty of technical defects( Link ). Shame on you Infy… !!

ODF Alliance is tracking Indian standardization process of OOXML here

The picture says it all… I love ubuntu too…. 🙂

I love ubuntu

 Images Chinese Dolls In Russia 1  Images Chinese Dolls In Russia 2
In Russian children toy stores have appeared strange Chinese dolls looking like a girl-doll but if fully undressed there can be something found that better would suit for a boy-doll.People demand to ban those dolls from being sold on the territory of Russia and claim that it maybe done on purpose by some evil forces from outside of Russia in order to form a bad perception of female/male orientation from the early age.