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Monthly Archives: April 2008

Afraid of your boss while surfing on orkut or checking gmail ?

Have you ever wonder “what if you can change the look of gmail and orkut so that ppl from distance can not identify the site that you are surfing (orkut or gmail)” ?

You can do that – very simply. (Works only for Firefox)

Just download this stylish addon (used for applying skins to sites) – Following link

Then you can surf for skins of different websites and load them into stylish by clicking button “Load into stylish)

For example, following nice “gmail redesigned” skin for gmail

screenshot - gmail in stylish

And For orkut – I m using following skin.

screenshot - orkut in stylish

Today just when I saw my communities, I couldn’t believe that it was my profile. I found lots of communities in my profile that I had never added. I don’t even think my password is hacked and somebody accessed my account and added those communities. Main reason is the communities are really junk (see the list below) and they follow similar pattern, a few of them are fan clubs and movie clubs..

Seems some crackers, found a way, wrote script to automatically add users in communities. Orkut sucks..

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. The Shahrukh Khan Fan Club
  3. CuT tHe CrAp…LisZiN’ 2 MiNe
  4. ٱ нυят мyรєℓƒ, รσ υ cคภ’т.
  5. Om Shanti Om -Mega Blockbuster
  6. I Hate The Morning Alarm!!
  7. helllllll…..
  9. Chelsea
  10. Naughty by Nature………
  11. I am, wat u can never be!
  12. I am CooL in my own StyLe

All above communitties were added in my account automatically.