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Whenever I turn on my TV, every several minutes I can see Vodafone’s new ad, “Vodafone – Happy to help you” showing the famous vodafone pup helping people.

This is just advertisement, reality is so ugly. I have vodafone postpaid connection, and whenever I try to contact customer care, everytime I get into trouble, waste my 20-30 minutes and then leave.

The problems are every time different…..

1. When I dial 111, it doesn’t reach many times

2. “Sorry we are unable to process your request now” – The only message I hear on first time.

3. It starts with “welcome to vodafone…” then it asks my mob no to enter, then reads the number that I entered, then asks me to confirm, then gives options to choose, and then again ” sorry we are unable to process your request”

4. IVR starts directly in Marathi(I dont understand), and I can not figure out where to change it. Once I asked it to customercare where to change the language.

Update: a few more…

5. “Hello welcome to vodafone – sorry we are unable to process your request now” so idotic…

Just plain sucks – Vodafone. I hate you and going to ditch u very soon.



  1. Vodafone in India sucks big time….

    I was trying to pay my bill before I left the country in Feb 2008… their IVR machine would not give me the right amount and so I started communicating with them through email. In between Vodafone contacted my mom and screamed at her ……she paid the bill on my behalf…..

    I used Hutch for over 5 years and feel very sorry that Vodafone has failed to live up to the standards set by Hutch….

    this is for Vodafone,

    If you are reading this, I will make sure that I spread as much negative publicity as I can….


    My Mobile number was 987 308 0125

  2. Just want to add they are RUBBISH the worst service I have ever used. Cant access online bill for months now! I would never use them again if they let me go as it seems not to be so easy once they got you.

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