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Google AppEngine Quota fail in their own AppGallery application.


Just stumbled upon this photo set of Meena Kadri on flickr. Taken from Auto rickshaw’s mud flaps (flaps behind the rear wheels of rickshaw) in Ahmedabad.

Click this link to see whole photostream of Meena Kadri’s photo set of Bollywood mud flaps on Auto rickshaws.

Good one..!!

This is sparta

The picture says it all… I love ubuntu too…. 🙂

I love ubuntu

 Images Chinese Dolls In Russia 1  Images Chinese Dolls In Russia 2
In Russian children toy stores have appeared strange Chinese dolls looking like a girl-doll but if fully undressed there can be something found that better would suit for a boy-doll.People demand to ban those dolls from being sold on the territory of Russia and claim that it maybe done on purpose by some evil forces from outside of Russia in order to form a bad perception of female/male orientation from the early age.